Transition Time

We’re in seasonal transition again, those couple of months between Winter and Spring, typically spanning 40-60degrees, where it’s nearly impossible to find anything to wear. I have this period (and its accompanying temperatures) almost down to a science, as my entire Winter wardrobe sits unwearable, my Summer pieces still in boxes, and I stand in the closet wondering where all my transition items are.

There are two things you need to fashionably survive the 40-60degree months, when it’s too warm for wool and cashmere, but too cool for silk and sleeveless.

1. Long sleeve sweaters of linen and cotton (or a blend of the two). These fabrics breathe but still provide enough cover from the chill. This JCREW sweater is the perfect transition piece. If warmth is still an issue, add a Spring scarf, like this one from Chan Luu, available at Chelsea.

2. Little jackets layered over a t-shirt or tank top. We loooooooove the tailored femininity of a Smythe jacket, especially paired with a rugged jean and amazing heel or bootie.

Cuff Culture

Cuff Culture

Cuff bracelets are among my most favorite and treasured pieces of costume jewelry. I find that if an outfit calls for only one piece of jewelry, a chunky gold cuff is always the way to go. Here are my three favorite cuffs in high, medium and low price points.

The Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet is the gold standard. Designed to combine elegant and classic with edgy (no small feat), this piece appears on celebrities, in fashion editorials, and on the wrists of mere mortals who know that a grand spent on this kind of costume jewelry trumps anything ‘real’ you can get for the same price point.




Known (appropriately) as the Helen of Troy cuff by costume jewelry designer Erickson Beamon, this piece was often photographed and worn adorning both wrists in true historical reverence. A modern girl should wear it single and with sleeves short enough to show off.





The price is right on this brass cuff from Anthropologie. At $138, I think it’s among the best available of all statement jewelry under $150.

Bringing Back Boudoir

Bringing Back Boudoir

I’ve always loved the highly feminine look of a Boudoir vanity: a beautiful antique table covered with various stylized, intricate accoutrement: makeup, perfume, jewelry, keepsakes. But much like the closet rendering the armoire nearly extinct, modern bathroom furniture has eliminated the need for the old fashioned vanity table.

If you have the space in your bedroom (an empty corner, a long wall), bring this look back! Here are some of my favorite Boudoir items available:

This petite vanity in hand-carved wood is the ideal setting and backdrop for tabletop accessories that are mostly glass and mirror.




This deco-inspired tray characterizes the Boudoir look and will showcase most of the items listed below. (I prefer to place picture frames in the back corner of the vanity, off the tray.)


Of all Boudoir accessories, perfume bottles (both functional and decorative) are the most readily available. These from Anthropologie achieve an antique look without the price and fragility.




Jewelry boxes are perfectly at home atop a vanity, but I prefer a small dish to hold my pieces. Again, a slightly more modern update helps the overall display avoid looking too period.





Picture frames, like this one I featured last week, are the last and probably most important decorative Boudoir accent. Three is the magic number in decor, so flank this frame with a pair of these.





A note about seating: the original vanities were typically paired with a small, skirted, low back chair/stool. A little frou frou for my taste, I would instead use more modern pouf/cube like the one pictured.