5 Nonmaterial Ways To Improve Your Style

Jan 28, 2016 | Fashion | 2 comments

LizModels-173_newMany of the most important aspects of great style are nonmaterial. Clothing can only take you so far, and below are the 5 ways you can improve what’s already in your closet.

Posture– By standing up straight, pulling your shoulders back, sucking your stomach in, you’re helping clothing look its best.

Undergarments– While this is technically a material object, beautiful and well made bras aren’t visible to the outside world so I feel it’s fair to include them in this list. For busty women, these pieces are non-negotiables, and the wonderful ladies at Christina’s will help with everything.

Positive Attitude– There is no better accessory than a smile. We all have our days, but don’t look for the negative in everything, or constantly complain, or blame the world for your problems.

Tidy– Make sure your clothing is free of stains, rips, pulls, and (for wool and cashmere) pills and that everything is ironed and steamed (when applicable). No matter how stylish your outfit, much of the effect is lost when not presented in its best condition.

Confidence– You have to believe that your outfits look great and are a reflection of you. In the beginning, many of my clients aren’t certain of either, but with time develop the assurance that they do look fabulous. If you’re not there yet, my advice is this: fake it till you make it.



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