Age Appropriate Revisited

Dec 5, 2011 | Fashion | 0 comments


Working as a style consultant for the last two years, I am sometimes surprised by challenges to my firmly held opinions. For example, I’ve changed my mind on Diane Von Furstenberg’s clothing by witnessing the amazing things her dresses have done for my clients. Additionally, I’ve seen cardigan sweaters from catalogue behemoth Boden (typically a place I reject on principle) look fabulous in person. However, there are a few key tenets that only get reinforced with experience, and high on that list is age appropriate dressing for women over 60. I get requests from clients and friends with relatives in this particular demographic, but after an experience with a lovely 70-year old, I feel it’s important to re-state my position, as I’m more confident of it than ever.

IMPECCABLE BASICS- The older you get, the more your wardrobe must contain the best basics. A v-neck white t-shirt, a crisp buttondown, dark and tailored denim, a beautiful blazer, and classic shoes all comprise the canvas your outfit builds upon. And while it may appear simple, on someone over 60 it translates to a sophisticated and modern look. My client had many fabulous coats (some belonging to her mother) that needed this modern palette to avoid looking costume-y. At this age, any bold, stylized pieces should be limited to one per outfit and always over your backdrop of basics.

FINISHING TOUCHES- By the time many women hit 60, you’ve amassed quite a collection of jewelry (real and costume), vintage fashion, and accessories; now is definitely the time to wear them! At this age, it’s not only appropriate to wear big baubles, it’s practically expected! Broaches should adorn clothing, sparkly studs should decorate ears, fine silk scarves should drape from the neck or shoulders, and beautiful rings should be out of the safe and in your closet, at the ready, remembering of course, that moderation is key.

OTHER PIECES- Some additional staples to consider when building or rethinking your wardrobe: ballet flats, large pearl studs (real or costume) and simple small gold hoops, black cigarette trousers, a trench, and a great tote.



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