Can You Afford A Stylist?

Aug 25, 2014 | Fashion | 0 comments

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One of the largest impediments to hiring a fashion stylist is the matter of money. In my experience, people both overestimate the cost of working with me and underestimate their ability to pay for it. There’s a very simple way to answer the question of  ‘can I afford it’ and it involves an honest exercise.

Add up all the tops from Anthropologie that you’ve worn only a few times, the Nordstrom Rack purchases that (individually) don’t drain the bank account, the piles and piles of cheap jewelry from ‘here and there’, and the items purchased on trips, impulse buys and anything else that lacks cohesion and purpose.

The honest math should show that you have spent over $1,000 on things and stuff that, simply, don’t do enough for you. Instead, consider investing that money in your style future. $1,000 won’t buy you an entirely new wardrobe, but it will cover the beginning stage.

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