The Fit Factor

Jan 12, 2013 | Interior Design | 0 comments

A visitor to planet America might observe our (unofficial) national motto: bigger is better. Our TVs and SUVs, plates portions & people only seem to be growing in size. Even in tough economic times, we are still a people of plenty. I see this phenomenon most distinctly in many client’s homes, where no matter the size and scale of the room, the furniture is enormous.

And it’s understandable- mainstream stores (Pottery Barn, Arhaus, etc.) are following our national trend with products to fit in giant rooms of giant homes. While perusing the catalogues, you might notice the showrooms (where these huge sofas and tables all reside) are at least 3x the size of a typical room.

Nothing hurts the look and feel of a room more than furniture that doesn’t fit; by fit I’m referring to not only the size and measurements but also the scale and proportion. If the space is small, you need to scale down the furniture, stick to pieces with clean lines (Room & Board has an excellent selection), and reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff (not every chair needs a pillow or side table). Your rooms will instantly look bigger and feel more spacious and contemporary.



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