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Sep 25, 2012 | Interior Design | 1 comment


Part of my job requires discovering creative uses for spaces and the furniture that fills them. As most of my clients have children, I am often negotiating how to stylishly store all the equipment of children’s lives: what I call ‘kid clutter’. Nowhere is this more important than in the foyer, a space that serves as the very literal first impression of your home.

Contending with the entryway avalanche of shoes that mark most households (which is unsightly no matter how neatly presented), is no easy task; this is why I recommend replacing your current system (as well as any additional foyer furniture) with a chest of drawers. Each child has his/her own drawer for shoes and cold weather gear. The top surface will display your current tablescape: lamp, small tray,** picture frames, and any cool objects.

While the initial price tag on this item seems high (especially in relation to your current system), remember that a dresser is always useful and can be recycled in many different rooms. Opting for a natural finish (pictured) will maximize its versatility to work with any pre-existing style.

**High Street Shoppes (Boulder’s ground zero for all things cool) has an impressive collection of vintage bronze trays for keys, spare change, marbles and magic tricks. 


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  1. Tonni

    I love this idea! Thanks Liz.

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