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May 27, 2016 | Interior Design, Most Popular Posts | 0 comments

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As a design professional, I have to keep abreast of the ‘trends’ even as I find this a mostly excruciating experience. 90% of design trends make me roll my eyes; however, the other 10% provides the rare ‘A HA’ moment where I glimpse true innovation, creativity, and a beautiful synthesis of form and function. The open floor plan belongs in that 10%, a trend I have to believe was kickstarted by a woman with children. As the kitchen is the heart of the home, merging the living and eating areas is from a functional standpoint, simply brilliant. Factor in the openness it creates, the light it enhances, and you have a home-run design trend.

On the flip side, I’m now seeing trends emerge as a specific reaction against the current and popular styles. Maximalism is challenging minimalism, dining rooms are apparently being reconsidered after going the way of the dinosaurs, and bidets are back (which I’m not even getting into). So are you ready to replace your ‘greige’ tones and rustic wood with wallpaper and chintz? Well I’m here to tell you please don’t. As you design your home, whether you’re working with an entire team or no one at all, make the style choices that are right for you and your family. Does the minimalist modern trend appeal because of its elegant simplicity? Good. Are you happy to see bigger, bolder patterns come back because grey and white are boring to you? Great.

While my own style is defined as ‘eclectic’, I have a strong draw to feminine glamour, repurposed Louis XIV, Art Deco, herringbone floors, fabulous moldings, pieces that make big statements yet also blend beautifully with modern and/or contemporary. The last time Art Deco or Louis XIV was in style? I couldn’t even guess. And I don’t care. With the style pendulum swinging away from minimalism, its possible these more ornate styles will become trendy again but I choose them because they express what I love – you should too.

Pictured above is my home in Boulder, below my old apartment in New York City. Same style 10 years apart.


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