Speak Up!

Mar 4, 2011 | Fashion | 0 comments


In my business, I am privy to many conversations between friends in and out of the dressing room. Women like to shop in pairs (actually, we like to do most things in pairs) to get feedback on how clothing fits and looks. Recently, I overheard a young woman express her doubts about a pair of pants she was trying. I don’t recall the friend’s response because I could only focus on how amazing these pants looked on her! They were skinny corduroys and fit her like a glove. I often speak up in stores, telling women when they look fantastic in something, and this was no different. She ended up buying the pants and, I’m sure, continues to receive compliments whenever they’re worn.

We are our own biggest critic. We know our body best, where it bulges, or sags a bit, or is otherwise less than perfect. But what we see in the mirror is often not what others see, and it’s important to remind women of that fact.


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