Why Art Matters

Why Art Matters






As the closing post of this month’s focus on ART, I figured it was important to address why art is such an important part of your home’s design and style. Here is the quick rundown:

1. As you’ll find in fashion, an outfit is incomplete without jewelry and/or accessories. Your home is the same; while the focus and the funds favor functional* pieces like furniture and lighting, the space won’t look finished without art.

2. Art is emotional, personal, inspirational, and aspirational… Can you say that about a throw pillow? Invest in what will make you feel something.

3. I have no intention of talking you out of buying a Helen Frankenthaler or the newest lot of Keith Haring up for auction at Sothebys. However, buying art from local artists (which in turn helps keep them living here) keeps our community culturally vibrant.

As for where to go, and resources to have, I recommend the following:

BMOCA– Our local art museum is situated in an old warehouse (located along the Farmer’s Market route) and allows locals and tourists an opportunity to engage in the contemporary art scene. In addition to their regular exhibits, they host educational programs and throw events for various occasions.

Art & Soul Gallery– This is one of our best galleries for local and national art (and jewelry too), where I’ve personally purchased two paintings for my home, one by profiled artist Karen Scharer.

madelife– This storefront and gallery carries the most extensive collection of local art (and furniture and accessories) and hosts monthly exhibits.

Mercury Framing– For all your framing needs, from a photo collage to a canvas painting, a silk scarf to a wedding veil, Mercury does it all. They also host regular shows featuring many local talents.

15th Street Studio– Another great option for framing, they also exhibit museum-track and emerging artists and actively back to our community through support of various non-profits.

The Dairy Center for the Arts– Our biggest multi-purpose cultural center, their 3 galleries carry exhibits by local, national, and international talents.

*Say that 5 times fast.