Doggy Style

Doggy Style






Like many Colorado residents, I am very dedicated to my dogs. I have special wood steps allowing them access to my (and their) bed, my shower was specifically designed to accommodate a detachable head (for bathing), and the car remains filled with hair and Mt. Sanitas dust no matter how often it’s cleaned. However, one place that I won’t allow to go ‘to the dogs’, is the inside of my home. Living with dogs and all that entails (shedding, toys, food bowls, beds) does not preclude your ability to live with style. The following details how to keep the style integrity of your home intact despite your 4-legged children.

TOYS– Like children’s toys, doggy playtime accoutrement need their own container, and unfortunately, dog store brand toy bins are eyesores. The solution is to take something created for humans and use it for dogs. In that vein, West Elm makes fabulous woven and braided baskets in a variety of styles designed to hold newspapers, throw pillow, logs, and (you now know) dog toys. If your pup is a scratcher or destroyer, Design Within Reach makes a stainless steel wire basket that won’t be nearly as tempting to their mouth and paws. Another great idea is repurposing a wooden wine crate. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, Etsy or Ebay lists vintage ones. Just make sure to pick a good year.

BED– Designing for canines (and their people) has become a huge industry, with the quality and variety of dog beds serving as its ambassador. While we know that dogs don’t give a lick where they sleep, we should care about how it looks. With options ranging from Corbusier inspired sofas to specially ordered chaises, I’m simply suggesting the popular and reliable donut bed in a chic (and always machine washable) neutral color or animal print, available at most pet ‘boutiques’. For some extra panache, go with the shag.

SUSTENANCE– Like everything else in the canine retail world, dog food and water bowls have become increasingly stylish, personalized, and fabulous. From simple ceramic to modern metal, breed-specific, name-specific, cute or kitsch, styles range from gothic to neo-classical, mid-century to mod. Even the most basic white painted ceramic is light years more stylish than the standard (and unsightly) stainless steel bowls. Set atop a placemat (doggy or human), if your dogs don’t appreciate the effort, your friends and guests certainly will. Manhattan’s Canine Styles offers the best selection.