I like to start my more controversial posts with the disclaimer that this is just one stylist’s opinion because what I’m about to say is definitely not the popular one. Simply, for pear-shaped women who carry extra weight in their hips and thighs, bootcut jeans are not doing what you think they’re doing.

Let me explain. The common wisdom dictates that the slight below-the-knee flare of a bootcut balances out larger thighs/hips, therefore providing an overall slimming effect. And if it slims, it is GOD, so rarely do pear shapes wear anything but a bootcut. Rarely do they even own another style. Why do I think the bootcut is bullshit?

First, I’m going to tell you what the bootcut style does do: it covers up both the thinnest part of your leg (the lower half) and one of your most important accessories (your shoes). Past that, unless you iron before each wear, the extra fabric often looks sloppy and limits the possible silhouettes you can wear on top. All these style compromises sustained for the goal of slimming when in truth (for the vast majority of you), it simply doesn’t work.

Just this past weekend, I worked with two pear-shaped, bootcut aficionados; both had fantastic bodies that looked better in a classic straight leg jean, with the possibilities for stylish outfits markedly improved by the switch.

If you’re ready to try, I recommend the DL1961 Coco Curvy Straight, available online and locally at Willow.

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