Introducing Fornasetti

Introducing Fornasetti






Fornasett plates x 9

If you frequent up(per) scale boutiques, you may know by sight (but maybe not by name) the collection of plates (and other decor items) by Fornasetti. His signature is the face of a woman (according to wikipedia, she is operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri) in black and white, usually making a funny gesture (winking, tongue sticking out), or referencing a cultural landmark (Picasso, Hitchcock). I like his pieces because some are whimsical and funny, some are provocative and tragic, but they all say something. And when you’re spending $200 on a plate (that is really more suitable as a serving piece), it has to be more than just a plate. And these are.

The best selection online is here. If you live in New York City, visit their newly expanded boutique in the home section of Barneys (across from the restaurant).