Killer Collaboration

Killer Collaboration





I love collaborations, especially with other female business owners in Colorado, by far leading the nation in women who get.shit.done. I don’t know what it is about our state, but it attracts so many top-caliber female entrepreneurs and visionaries; Among them is the High Priestess of Paleo, New York Times Bestselling Author, blogger, & Colorado-native Juli Bauer of PaleOMG.

With Juli’s recipes, I’ve finally found the balance of food that is healthy and good for my body, which is great (and no small feat for someone who has the palette of a 8-year old). Even better? She’s interested in fashion, devoting her Friday posts to outfits she’s created for her book tours and appearances, photo shoots and events. Scrolling through her style selfies, I was amazed to learn that she is sans stylist; With a natural eye for composition, proportion and color, Juli is perfectly suited to go it alone. But it’s always more fun together! So now I’ll be styling this lovely lady for an upcoming photo shoot.

Please stay tuned for photos from our shop and in the meantime, order her cookbook!* I can’t say enough about it, and neither can the commentariat at Amazon.

*I don’t care if you’re Paleo, Paleo-lite, gluten-free, Athiest, non-denominational, vegan**- these recipes are incredible for any and all eating orientations!

**Just kidding. Not a good cookbook for vegans!