Plus Size Styling

Plus Size Styling





I recently completed work with a new client who confessed her initial hesitation in contacting me. Two months, in fact, of staring at my business card before she was ready to reach out. Her concern? Her size. With exceptionally touching candor, she confessed an initial fear that I would refuse to work with her size 12 body.

My clients come in all shapes and sizes, spanning 0-16, with very different needs. Some have exceptionally small feet, others unusually wide. While one client is long-torso’d, another is skinny calf’d. There are shoulders both narrow and broad, legs both long and short, boobs both big and small, there is always something we don’t love, or that makes shopping for clothing a little more difficult; but the possibility that I, or anyone else, would refuse work based on size is, truly, hard to even comprehend.

Obviously I can’t speak for other stylists on this matter, and I imagine that my size 8 body has become an asset when it comes to dressing others. I know what it’s like to be restricted to certain styles and silhouettes. I know how to be creative in pairing clothing to emphasize assets. But above all, I love helping women look and feel beautiful, no matter their size.