Have Style, Need A Stylist?

Have Style, Need A Stylist?





When I launched Mile High Style, I had to answer an important question: why would someone with great style, fluency in fashion, an organized and streamlined closet and a fabulous wardrobe need to hire me?

Without question, the majority of my client base consist of women who (admittedly) enter our relationship sitting below the fashion curve. Working with them, witnessing their transformations and helping grow their style IQ is truly an amazing and rewarding experience. How would I feel, and how could I help those who have a more advanced grasp on style and would it be worth my time and their money? Is there a place for this type of client? Absolutely.

No matter your placement on the style curve, I know that you still battle in sessions of clothing karate, still have pieces in your closet that can’t seem to find a home in any outfits, and still face the discrepancies between what you see in the mirror versus what everyone else sees. You could still benefit from your wardrobe seen through a new set of eyes, and the luxury of no longer having to ask ‘what should I wear today’.

I want women who already have great style to come out of your fabulous closets, in your best outfits, and let me show you a new look, present a different perspective, and infuse a new energy and enthusiasm into you, your clothes, and your life.