Bad Accent

Bad Accent





Disclaimer: this is only a suggestion.

Accent walls have become that thing in decorating: the perfect two-in-one that provides the bold color (you really desire) without the total commitment (of an entire room). So where’s the problem?

There are two. Firstly, accent walls have been done so many times and in so many ways that, as a feature of design, they are done. Perhaps if a design demigod like Kelly Wearstler can find a way for reinvention in a fresh and edgy way, accent walls can make a celebrated return.

Secondly, they are often a bit of a style sacrifice, a way for an ambitious yet nervous homeowner to try experimenting with bold color without having to totally commit. I want you to commit to that color you are drawn to but fear will ‘make the room smaller’ (and every other concern we have about a bold or dark shade). Remember that paint isn’t permanent, so take a chance and a big step forward in your style savvy.