Local Collectors: Me

Local Collectors: Me






I couldn’t spend a month featuring ART without speaking of my collection, though answering my own questions is a little meta. This is my favorite piece and a little about it.

Describe this piece and its biographical details- name of piece, name of artist, when and where was it created? ‘Untitled 2314c’ is a photograph by Todd Hido, circa 2002. The artist takes his photographs in the nooks & crannies of North America, though I have no specific intel as to where this particular photograph was taken. If I had to guess, I’d say somewhere in the Middle…

Where was it living before you bought it? This piece came from his New York City exhibit Roaming at the Paul Morris Gallery.

How did it come into your life? A few months before the exhibit, I saw a blurb announcing it in Vanity Fair- the photo accompanying was captivating, so I made a point to see the show when it opened. His entire collection was available to order, making the decision process incredibly difficult. But this piece really spoke to me. It still does.

What makes it special to you? There are so many things I love about this piece. For one, it was my first major art purchase, which at 22, gave me the confidence to believe in my aesthetic choices. As to the work itself, I am drawn to art that is a little bit lonely, creepy, suggestive, evocative, smutty… I see it all in this piece, as well as the simplicity of the scene juxtaposed with the depth of possible interpretation.

Where does it live in your house/office? It’s always the first piece I hang in my living room, as you can see in the photo below.

Mile High Style_Home -05