White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day






Those who enjoy fashion know that most of its seemingly arbitrary ‘rules’ are not relevant to our modern world. I’m sure they applied to the more formal times from which they came, but today’s style is fluid and flexible and any stylist worth her designer shoes will tell you, ‘rules’ are for breaking. However,  the other night I was reminded of one of the big ones, ‘no white after Labor Day’; I saw a women wearing cruise ship attire (white cotton pants, a brightly colored silk blouse) and it occurred to me where this rule must have originated in the first place.

‘No white after labor day’ is really a reminder to dress for the season we’re in. If it’s a brisk 55 degrees with golden leaves covering the ground, it’s not appropriate to wear Summer clothing. However, some items like peep-toe shoes, certain sandals, silk dresses, jean skirts (among others) do transition into this season until it’s, literally, too cold for them. Store your Summer clothing and if you want to get a few final wears out of the transition items I listed above, you probably have a few weeks left; bare legs and open toes don’t look great covered in snow. 😀