The Well-Kept Closet

Jun 15, 2014 | Fashion | 0 comments

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I’m recycling this post as a nod to conversations I’ve had with current clients regarding upgrading to wood hangers-

Great style requires having the appropriate tools; the closet being the largest, it should be kept clean and organized, resembling the presentation at a highly-edited boutique. The goal is to shop your closet and, to that end, uniform hangers are key.

In an effort to keep costs down, I often recommended an inexpensive option, one that all the magazines suggest. Since I personally only use wood hangers, I’ve had no experience with ‘Real Simple’ hangers, but have ultimately been disappointed by my clients’ feedback. As is often the case, choosing cheap can backfire, so I am back to endorsing the tried and true.

The benefits of this investment are not merely cosmetic; they’re better for your clothing. And ultimately, they’re better for morale. You want your closet to be a room as inspired as any other. Start with the hangers and, over the next few months, look for additional suggestions here on how to transform your closet from blah to beautiful.


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