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Apr 12, 2015 | Fashion | 8 comments

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Working with a fashion client recently, her closet full of the most amazing hand me downs (mother’s Louboutins, grandmother’s Gucci bags), she admitted to feeling it was somewhat inappropriate to ‘dress up’ in a place as casual as Boulder. I was successful in convincing her otherwise because among Mile High Style’s major edicts is this: you don’t need to downgrade your style because the majority downgrades theirs. Our conversation reminded me of this old post (below), so I’m resurrecting it, in the hopes it can give you permission to wear your best.

As a fashion stylist, I often get questions about what to wear and where to wear it. If there’s one statement I hear the most, it has to be ‘I have no place to wear this!!’

If I can accomplish anything with Mile High Style, it is to convince you of this: you don’t need a ‘place’ to wear anything. You don’t need a reason, an excuse, or an event. You wear it to look good and feel good, because you can and should. If that’s too conceptual, here’s the concrete: you wear it to brunch, to drinks or dinner, to work, to a party, to meet for coffee. Rather than looking overdressed, you’ll look put together and confident- a follower of no one’s rules but your own.











  1. Frances Prema Harjeet

    So true! And definitely something that I struggle with…I’m often embarrassed for being overdressed (particularly with jewelry but I can’t help it, I love my bling!) but really just need to get over that insecurity and own that fact that I love to dress up! Excellent post! I feel like wearing something schnazzy now! 😉

    • Liz Finkelstein

      Good! You’ll be an inspiration to other women when you show them that it’s ok to dress as you see fit!

  2. Shannon Sunderland

    Right. On. I’m dressing up tomorrow! ❤️


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