My Redesign

My Redesign

Mile High Style_Home -13I recently began work on a living room redesign for a client that is exacting, impatient, and impossible to please: me.

You might assume that working in the world of interior design, I would love redoing my own space and want to regularly switch up the design, but nothing could be further from the truth. As I see it, the ultimate test of my skills as a designer should reflect the longevity of my own personal design choices: if I tell my clients that they should buy ‘forever pieces’, I need to be following my own advice. Furthermore, from a common sense financial position, I can’t reasonably splurge on furniture knowing it will be replaced in a year or two. So after 4 years in my home and close to 8 years with certain key pieces like my Jonathan Adler lounger, it’s time to switch things up.

The DWR chair, vintage Luis Vuitton trunk, Saarinen coffee table and bar cart are staying. Everything else you see is going. I’ll be sharing updates over the next few months as new pieces start to come in, and old pieces find a new home in a different part of the room.

The Cool Shit

The Cool Shit

FullSizeRenderWithout a doubt, putting the finishing touches (aka ‘the cool shit’) in a room is my favorite part of the design process- those unique and sometimes one-of-a-kind pieces are what make your space different, and cool, and yours. Living in NYC, you practically stumble onto cool shit on the regular, but in Colorado, despite our reserves of mountain modern curios, trying to find stuff that is out of the box (or vintage) can be a challenge.

Since I’m a most generous stylist, I’ve put together a little guide to help you source-

Ironwood– This boutique in the antique section of Denver’s South Broadway is by far the coolest place I’ve seen in our state. From crystals, geodes and air plants to antique lamps, mirrors and other decor items, collectors of cool both buy from and sell to Ironwood. The incredible fluorite crystal (pictured) came to them from a special collector and now it’s mine. If you’re looking for something particular and they don’t have it, they probably know where it can be found.

High Street Shoppes– This is a pop-up boutique curated by jewelry designer and all-around aesthete Kim Clary, who travels to estate sales and antique stores all over the South West to find killer things. Overdyed rugs, brass serving pieces, repurposed antique chairs, and rustic and industrial styles are common to each sale, and she has been known to score game-changers for special clients (and the ones that get there first).

Etsy– If I’m looking for something and I can’t find it locally, this is the first place I look online. My recent searches have included vintage dress forms, antique diamond lockets, repurposed wood shelves, mid-century chairs, and modern mobiles and I always find multiple great options.

Craigslist– It’s hit or miss for sure, but you can definitely score on Craigslist if you’re persistent. You’ll want to look in the ‘Antiques’ section and search not only your particular area, but your nearest big city too.

Mantiques Modern– For the big spenders looking for the most badass, one-of-a-kind items, this Chelsea boutique is it. Their buyers have impeccable taste and only buy the best. My pieces from here (pictured below) are forever and the biggest statement-makers in my home.