Loving Lululemon!

Loving Lululemon!





Blog Update: Over the last 4 months, my blogging has taken a back seat to the design + development of the new www.milehighstyle.com. There have been many (too many) hiccups, but progress is being made and I’ll hopefully have it ready by mid Summer with updated pages, device compatibility, and an amazing Before + After feature! I can’t wait for you to see it.

My website and blog went live in April 2010, and one of my very first posts was on how much I love Lululemon. 7 years later, activewear is more popular than ever and Lululemon leads the pack. With so many new competitors flooding the market, I still consider Lulu to be the best in design, functionality, and fun. Yes they’ve had their screw ups (white see-through pants anyone?) and I’m not always happy with the changes in fit, but for my money no one else comes close.

Which is why I’m excited to recommend a new pant that is almost too fabulous to describe. The Align Pant II is soft and stretchy and made of a new ‘Nulu’ fabric (which they accurately describe as ‘buttery soft’) that is, simply, sublime. Plainly, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing pants. These non pants-pants have enough tech for Crossfit (or your chosen exercise cult) but too much for everyday street style; in other words, a home run.