Make Your Bed!

Make Your Bed!

new_bedroom_2Have you ever spent the night in a luxury hotel? Noticed anything special about the beds? Hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and St. Regis pour money into their beds because they know the investment pays off. The Ritz beds have featherdown mattress pads and the Four Seasons uses a special line of mattresses manufactured by Sealy. Add to that the highest quality sheets on the market (usually Frette), and you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The ‘hotel bedding’ look has become very popular, as people want to create the peaceful, comfortable feeling they have when staying at one of these high-end chains. And while I’d love to tell you I can provide this on the cheap, I cannot. Bedding is expensive. However, I’ll tell you where to buy exactly what you need and save money.

For New Yorkers, Schweitzer Linen is a bed and bath staple. Next to Bloomingdales, most NYC residents buy their bedding from this store. They do so because the products are top of the line, (think Frette), half of the cost (think Restoration Hardware) and come in the widest variety of patterns and colors. You can, literally, get anything you want at this store, and thanks to 21st century shopping technology, you can buy it all online. Washing is simple (gentle cycle and consider getting a special detergent) and after about a year, they double in softness.

As far as Down Comforters go, Scandia is the best. If you can afford to add (approximately) $200 to your investment on a comforter, or another $100 on a pillow, this is the way to go. Their Pillowtop Featherbed is the closest thing to cloud conditions. There is, quite simply, nothing like Scandia.

Once you have the basics, add on 2-3 throw pillows. West Elm offers many chic and affordable options. If your bedding is basic and in the hotel aesthetic, pillows are the place to play with color and pattern so mix them up! Add one of these with one of these. Or one of these with one of these. If you’re looking for fun, humorous pillows, Jonathan Adler is the gold standard.