Selective Upgrading

Selective Upgrading





Fall shopping with a client yesterday, I was reminded of an important style lesson, one that often gets lost on those who are finite in their buying decisions: the importance of selective upgrading. Selective upgrading occurs when you already own an item that works (a black handbag, blue skinny jeans, it could be anything), but find one that works better. While I’d like to promise that I can find any client the be all/end all for each and every piece, I know that’s impossible. I am meticulous in my buying and even I still upgrade because, simply put, not everything is available (or affordable) when you need it to be.

When you’re in a store and see that piece*, buy it. Buy it and part ways (by consigning) its predecessor. Never settle for ‘good enough’ when you can have ‘best ever’.

*In the case of my client, the best version of a black blazer- Helmut Lang.