Beautiful In Boulder: Fiori Flowers

Beautiful In Boulder: Fiori Flowers





In Manhattan, there is no shortage of beautiful spaces- museumsgalleries, boutiquesretail meccashotels, and restaurants, all offering an escape from the madness of the city. Even the gyms are designed so that beauty and functionality can co-exist. Here in Boulder, the beauty is on the outside which is perhaps why our interior aesthetic sensibilities are, sadly, underdeveloped. We have fewer spaces that provide a sensory experience, places you want to spend time in, indoors.

The finest exception is Fiori Flowers. Much more than just a flower shop, Fiori’s strength is in the details: the innovative way their jewelry is displayed as a natural compliment to the decor, the many many surfaces of special vases, the lovely Voluspa candles, shabby-chic furniture, gardening accruetrement, chocolate samples, the regularity of their merchandising change-up. I visit about two to three times a month and every time it looks like a different store, with new things to uncover.

The first place I go when I need a gift (floral and otherwise), I recommend their unique and affordable jewelry, specifically the cerulean strands pictured. Pair it with your crispest white t-shirt and easiest jeans, or with something bolder for Spring.