Beautiful In Boulder: Food Lab

Beautiful In Boulder: Food Lab






As I stated Part IV of this series, design is becoming much more of a thing in Boulder; new spaces (retail, commercial, etc.) are embracing big style while old spaces are rushing to catch up. Obviously I LOVE this. I love walking into a space, no matter its function, and being overwhelmed by the design and forced to consider every last special touch, asking myself: What’s new? What have I not seen before? What do I love? What choice would I have never considered making… And the newest beautiful space in Boulder is Food Lab, talented chef Casey Eaton’s community-targeted culinary temple with a simple mission statement:

How would you describe/categorize the stye of the space? It’s modern, with a little bit of eclectic, like the details leftover from the original 1890 building that still are in place: exposed brick walls and very high ceilings.

What inspired you in the design process? What were your main sources of inspiration? I love Houzz. And it began with a little more color than the all white, but the color slowly kept disappearing with the white becoming more prominent. I like the very clean palette; the color comes from the food and the people.

What’s your favorite piece, accessory or detail? I love my chandeliers. They were a last minute under-pressure find from online boutique Et2 and I absolutely LOVE them. They are spirals of chrome with lights throughout, and I kind of think they look like a silver sos pad, in a really cool way. They put off great lighting too. I also love the Prosecco on tap.

Did you run into any difficulties and if so, how did you resolve them? **laughing hysterically**12 months of hitting every roadblock there was to hit! I cried, I ran a lot, but I learned to recover quickly from set backs and just charge ahead- that works way better than crying, by the way.

Please name the stores/vendors you sourced from. Anything local? JJ Collier’s art hangs in here- it’s crazy how well it fits the space because it was made before we knew each other! I used Atlas Flooring for cabinets, counters and floors. I used Contract appliance for the appliances. Duggan Construction built the space out and they rock!

What’s the biggest design obstacle that needed to be overcome? How did you do it? It is a long narrow building. I chose it for the location (1825 Pearl Street A), not the shape. We are right on the East end of pearl, which I love: next to Cured, across from Frasca and Pizzeria Locale, great company here! And parking is easy. I had a whole different set up in my mind for how the space would look, so it took some creative thinking on how to make it flow right for the chefs and clients. I now cant imagine it any other way…. it’s perfection.

Any plans for additional/added design elements?  I am always dreaming, thinking and concocting. And open to suggestions and comments. Mostly.