Spring Jeans

Spring Jeans












In anticipation of next season’s looks, over the next two months consider bringing in the foundation pieces: Spring denim. You’re going to need:

*Denim shorts– As critical as jeans in establishing the *casual chic* look, jean shorts are also available in nearly as many styles and washes: Colored, distressed, and boyfriend are all winners, and making your own cutoffs is always encouraged. Remember to start long and see how they look rolled once or twice before cutting any shorter.

*Colored denim– One easy place to successfully work the pastel trend is in your jeans. Keep everything else very basic and contrast the soft color with a rustic brown sandal or wedge.

*White jeans– Everyone’s favorite, right? If you feel comfortable wearing these, it will (most likely) take you a                                                              while to find the perfect pair, so you better start looking                                                                now!