Colorado Cocktail

Colorado Cocktail






If you live in Colorado, chances are you’ve already attended a farm wedding. With the way things are trending in the industry, even those from out of state can expect to someday celebrate in this most special venue. Which begs the question, what the hell do I wear to a farm wedding?

I’ll be soon attending my second of the year, and knowing how confused many were regarding dress code for the first, I thought it would be helpful to clear up any questions accompanying this unique fashion experience.

THE COCKTAIL PART– A wedding at a farm, on the beach, in the mountains, or in someone’s backyard is still a wedding; it’s still a party where people dress up. If the word ‘cocktail’ appears on the invitation, it requests (at a minimum) cocktail dresses for women and a jacket for men. In my profession, I often hear client’s complaints that they have ‘nowhere to wear’ anything fabulous. This is somewhere to wear the dress with the tags still on and the jewelry sitting unworn in the safe. It’s also that somewhere to justify getting a manicure, and wearing the bold lipstick color that you keep trying on and promptly wiping off.

THE COLORADO PART– Attending an outdoor wedding in Colorado boils down to environmental logistics. High heels, though they may be perfect with your dress, are probably not a good idea on the grass. Wedges work, flats are fantastic, and cowboy or short engineer boots are a theme-y twist on tradition and a fun contrast with a cocktail dress. Additionally, be mindful of slight temperature drops in the evening and bring a wrap or a jacket. If you’re wearing a black dress, pairing it with a white blazer will keep you warm and on trend.