The Best Comes To Boulder

The Best Comes To Boulder





There are few absolute superstars in the boot world, and to qualify, one must be: stylish (duh), durable, and affordable (relatively speaking).*

I discovered Fiorentini & Baker at Barney’s Co-op around 2004/2005. An inconspicuous brown wedge boot that came to mid calf and zipped up the side, it became one of the best footwear purchases of all time. This boot sustained NYC walking and Boulder rain and snow, all the while looking great and feeling comfortable. They haven’t recreated that boot in many years and I wish they would; I had to finally retire my F&Bs last year and nothing has come close to replacing them**.

Local shoe purveyor Two Sole Sisters has just brought Fiorentini & Baker to Boulder. Their collection encompasses 5 different styles (including the one pictured), and they are flying out of the store. If you’re interested in picking up a pair, don’t wait!


*Many might balk at the $500+ price point, but boots are an expensive category, and for what you’re getting, the price is more than appropriate.

**I tried this past Winter with Prada Sport and not even close.