A New ‘I Do’ Shoe

A New ‘I Do’ Shoe










For a number of reasons, I tend to keep my professional involvement with weddings to a minimum. Mainly, I am not a great believer in and follower of the rules and traditions of fashion, of which weddings are steeped. However, through my (non-professional) consulting with two bride-to-be friends, I’ve noticed a subtle and exciting shift in certain ‘I Do’ details:

the shoes.

Color– The easiest way to infuse a modern spirit into your wedding style is through a bold shoe. My friend and client Kyle Decker embodies this perfectly with a hot pink peep toe heel (pictured) to compliment her traditional yet ideally understated dress. As far as color selection goes, it’s a personal one. Like Kyle, I endorse hot pink and also love red, yellow and (in an homage to and twist on the tradition) blue.

Flats– Women today are nothing if not practical, and many don’t want to spend their most important night hobbled by uncomfortable shoes. Additionally, as many Colorado weddings are outdoors, high heels are often impractical on grassy terrain. Ballet flats are the answer. Available in metallic gold or silver and every conceivable color, I prefer the contemporary look of patent leather and, to that end, nothing is quite like Lanvin. With flats, you’ll be wearing them again so a little splurge is sensible.

Flips– For a beach[y] wedding, these are a non-negotiable, but rarely do women know how chic they look contrasted with the ethereal formality of the dress. A classic flip from J.Crew or Tory Burch is as casual as you’ll want to go, while high-end lines like Prada offer can offer everything (color, comfort and contemporary) all in one.