In Celebration Of Seafoam!!

In Celebration Of Seafoam!!









Seafoam is back, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

Early experiences have a funny way of coloring our later thoughts, feelings, and preferences about fashion. Watching Rear Window as a child, out of all of Grace Kelly’s spectacular outfits (chosen by the legendary costume designer Edith Head), her seafoam green suit made the biggest impression. Years later, I would be drawn to that color, first on my friend and style mentor Katie’s gorgeous Catherine Malandrino silk draped top, then on one of Balenciaga’s earliest motorcycle bags. My clients may remember me pulling the rare piece in this color and gushing (as I am prone to do) about its elegant appearance and limited availability… Although with this new season, availability is no longer an issue.

Trends reconnect us with past loves. Whether it’s an entire look of an era (like 70s-style secretary blouses and trouser jeans or 40s day dresses and red lipstick) or singular pieces of the past (neon or pastels), their re-emergence allows us another chance, not just to own but also to wear in your individual way.