Novelty Style

Novelty Style

















Of all style conundrums, the most popular among friends, clients, and just about everyone I know, involves the fallacy that new = better, or what I like to call Novelty Style. Somehow, if you just bought it (a top, jeans, shoes, jewelry, anything), it looks better and makes an outfit more stylish. In reality, after one or two wears, the novelty wears off and you’re once again in search of something else new.

I understand this cycle very well. Not only were my 20s a testament to novelty style (with Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bendels reaping the benefits), I still feel the thrill of a new piece and suspect I always will. However, I also understand that this habit is lazy, costly, and detrimental to the ultimate style goal: to shop your closet and make new outfits out of old clothing. To that end, you have three tools to help break the cycle.

Discipline– Perhaps surprisingly, the single best tool to bring into your closet is self control: to say no, to resist the easy urge (and splurge), to shop smart, or (temporarily) stop shopping at all.

Creativity– Abandon the rules and rigidity of this goes with that and open your mind to the possibilities. This is a mental exercise; if your brain is not engaged, you’re spinning your wheels.

OutsourcingThis is what I do. About 75% of my business involves making old new again, and better yet, I can teach you the tools to do it yourself.