Embrace & Avoid: 2014’s Spring Trends

Embrace & Avoid: 2014’s Spring Trends





















It’s that time again. Spring is always fashion’s most anticipated season- a welcome break from Winter’s doldrums and a return to color! And while the Mile High Style aesthetic and philosophy functions independently of trends, as a stylist, I do have to address the matter. Here are my recommendations for a few of the 2014 Spring trends to embrace and avoid.

Orange lips– Bold lips are always one of my favorite accessories, and orange is a fun, fresh color for Spring. If you’re not quite ready to take the color plunge, try the best red/orange on the market: Nars Heat Wave.

Cropped jacket– The upside of a trend is the availability factor- particular pieces suddenly flood the market with options galore, which is great when that piece is a wardrobe staple. As far as I’m concerned, the cropped jacket has always been the most important acquisition for Spring style. Now is time to buy one (or a few).

Black & White– Spring is always about a return to color, so it’s nice to mix up the bright and bold outfits with this classic pairing. 

Overalls– I’m a little on the fence regarding this trend; done correctly, overalls can look really cute. The keyword there being can. Often, trend items like these translate into overly trendy or, worse, silly. Overall at your own risk.

Birkenstocks– Fashion often likes to remind us how arbitrary it can be. Remastering the Birkenstock doesn’t change the fact that they are ugly, even with Givenchy’s name on them.

Pastels– Simply, pastels don’t work 0n all people. While I’m not an advocate of color theory, these shades are notoriously difficult to pull off. If you still want to embrace this trend, I would recommend starting with jeans, shoes or a handbag.