Best For The Guest

Best For The Guest





All too often, a guest room is a throwaway, lacking not only a cohesive style but also a feeling of warmth and welcome. Turning a spare room into a guest suite is one of the nicest things you can do for visitors. It only requires a little bit of effort on the big picture and a lot of emphasis on the details.

BED– The bed should embody, by far, the most significant allocation of resources. No matter how happy your guests are to see and be staying with you, everyone prefers sleeping in their own beds, and traveling, no matter how pleasant, is also stressful. Under these circumstances, providing the luxury of a good night’s sleep is crucial. To accomplish this, you’ll want to enhance your inexpensive, no-frills mattress with a plush featherbed, perfectly suited for short stays and a fabulous indulgence for those not used to sleeping on one. Rather than using old, mismatched or dated sheets, rotate in a set from the master bedroom (clean of course), and provide at least three pillows and a beautiful throw blanket folded diagonally across the foot of the bed. Finally, don’t simply leave the mattress on the floor on in its box spring. West Elm has an upholstered scroll headboard available in a variety of colors, fabrics and patterns and Ebay and Etsy always have antique brass beds. Both are chic and affordable options.

DETAILS- Little decorative details communicate consideration; they also speak of you and your style. Fresh flowers, a candle and a glass carafe of water are de rigueur for this room. Additionally, I like to fill a petite glass or porcelain box with candy and provide a small tray for change, receipts, medication, or anything else small and miscellaneous. If you have a sense of humor or whimsy in your styling and guests who appreciate ‘that kind of thing’, leave a funny or naughty book on the nightstand or a silly wind-up toy in a drawer.

EVERYTHING ELSE– Just as your bedroom is finished, so too should your guests’. Paint the walls a soothing color (I recommend a light grey), hang art, provide suitable lighting (both table and overhead), dresser and closet space, and a mirror. To cut down on the amount and expense of furniture, repurpose a dresser into a bedside table.

Mile High Style Tip: has beautiful, Venetian-style small mirrors that are affordable and perfect for this room.