Nail It!

Nail It!






If you’ve lived in Boulder for a while, you’ll remember when East Pearl housed one less shop dedicated to Burning Man and instead, we had the super sassy, independently owned kick-ass lingerie store, The T*Bar. And while it wasn’t able to sustain the recession, after hibernating for a few years under which time owner Deb Caplin worked and worked and worked, The T*Bar is back!

Rather than the standard brick & mortar, it’s become an e-commerce portal for men, designed to make shopping for lingerie highly engaging and fun. It’s one-of-a-kind system, which helps men shop for their women by using visual and personality cues, eliminates all the typical obstacles many men face while lingerie shopping, namely difficulty with sizing, discomfort, and an overwhelming amount of choices. There’s even an apt and totally hysterical PANIC ‘button’ (in the easily accessible upper left of the screen) allowing you to shop while at work: you hit the button, and your screen changes to a passable Excel spreadsheet, with the easy option to go back once your boss is gone.

So this Valentine’s Day, go ahead and nail it!



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