Designer Spotlight: Stephanie O.

Designer Spotlight: Stephanie O.















Without a doubt, fashion designer Stephanie Ohnmacht is one of the best and most exciting things happening in the Colorado style scene. Stephanie has had an amazing year- she appeared as a designer/contestant on Season 1 of Project Runways: Under The Gunn, presented her SS14 collection in her first solo fashion show at the Clyfford Still Museum, and was just named 5280 Magazine Editor & Reader’s Choice fashion designer in their annual Top of the Town edition. As she prepares to present her SS15 collection at the ENK Vegas show during MAGIC in August, she was kind enough to dedicate some time to this edition of Designer Spotlight

Describe the overall style of your current collection? 

When creating my Fall/Winter 2014 collection, I was looking to create understated feminine pieces with tailored details. There is a mix of black, navy and texture to highlight subtle details. All of the pieces are made for a modern woman with a busy lifestyle who wants to look sharp and still be comfortable.

How does your personal style influence your designs?

I make clothing that I want to buy from the store but just can’t find. I personally demand my clothes to be functional, unique, feminine and modern.

Who is the woman who wears your designs? Where is she wearing them?

The Stephanie O. woman wakes up in the morning with a full schedule and a need for a wardrobe that gets her through the day looking stylish. And if she gets the chance, she can seamless squeeze in time for cocktails with friends that same night.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration for pieces in the collection comes from two places. The most tangible inspiration is living a busy life and always looking for the next great wardrobe staple. I design pieces that I wish I could find when shopping. Secondly I love art and I integrate colors, lines and textures from that influence into the textiles and designs I create.

If a woman owned only clothing designed by you but was allowed one other piece, what would that piece be?

Only one piece? I’m torn choosing between a gorgeous belted wool coat or a chunky sweater.

What is the place of accessories and jewelry in your looks?

My pieces are designed for minimal jewelry and accessories, although my favorite accessory is the shoe. So there is always room for that fabulous shoe!

Which contemporary designers do you support and why?

I tend to get little crushes on new US contemporary designers each season. Right now I’m loving Rebecca Taylor for her modern feminine approach and Rag & Bone for modern tailoring.

Where do you see your designs in 10 years?

In ten years, I hope my clothing continues to appeal to a wide range of women and still be modern enough to be cool but classic enough to be timeless.

How do you feel about trends and how do/don’t they affect your designs?

I don’t design around hyper-trends, but there are still underlying trends that I watch such as colors, silhouettes and use of textiles.

What are the items a woman should splurge on?

I believe in splurging on core pieces that you will wear often. They will fit beautifully and last for a long time.