Nostalgia Style

Nostalgia Style












Working with clients to define their particular style, I often reference how early experiences inform our later preferences. The reasons we’re drawn to certain looks (whether we realize it or not) typically have roots in when and where we were raised, the culture of that time, and our memories. With a little bit of prodding, you can usually uncover certain likes and dislikes strictly based on the above criteria.

I remember playing for hours in my Grandmother’s jewelry box. Hardly the estate collections I now covet, she loved crystal costume pieces and, therefore, so did I. Like many little girls, I would dress up in her jewels and feel more fabulous than was natural at 8 years old.

Fast forward 25 years, and the pieces reminiscent of her collection are back in vogue in some of fashion’s hottest venues. While conducting my daily web searches, I stumbled across these earrings and was instantly reminded of my central thesis: your style is nostaglic; it’s what you already know… The hard part is knowing how to best showcase it, but you always have help for that.