Best of Boulder 2010: Shopping Edition

Best of Boulder 2010: Shopping Edition


Though probably not known for our shopping, there are some undeniably fabulous spots in our city.


#1 Chelsea:

Chelsea typifies the boutique shopping experience with a staff of girls who know not only all the clothes, but also all the customers. You get a ton of individual attention in a sunny and beautiful space. As far as the clothing goes, Chelsea merchandise is casual, feminine, and a little preppy and their jewelry, especially from Denver designer Christy Lea Payne, makes a real statement and provides an earthy contrast against the ethereal feel of the clothing.

Did you know? though maybe not known for their denim, Chelsea regularly stocks some of the best denim, notably Genetic Jeans. If you are in the market for a lightweight, comfortable skinny jean, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Mile High Style Tip:please note that Jess (the owner) and Britt (the salesgirl) look a lot alike and are often mistaken for each other. So you too don’t make this mistake, Jess is taller (at 6 feet) and Britt is at the store more frequently (since Jess just had her baby).


#2 MAX

Also located in downtown Boulder, this store carries more high-end clothing from designers you probably know (PRADA, Diane Von Furstenberg) and some you might not (Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten). The look of the merchandise leans toward a sleeker, edgier modern while mainstays like James Perse tops and great jeans are also available.

Did you know?
MAX has incredible jewelry that is very reasonably priced for the quality. Specifically, I would recommend the rosegold lace cuff bracelet.

Migh High Style Tip:
if you can afford to break the bank on a bag, MAX is the place to do it. They carry Givenchy which, in our opinion, is as good as it gets anywhere.


This is, quite simply, the best it gets for clothing consignment anywhere. Designers range from the highest end (Chanel, Stella McCartney, Marni) to middle of the road (Calypso, Milly, Marc by Marc Jacobs) to the cutest of the mainstream (JCREW, Banana Republic, H&M.) The only thing better than the incredible selection are the prices: criminally low.

Did you know?
their selection of jeans is extensive, and all denim looks a little better with some wear.

Mile High Style Tip:
get in good with Libby, the owner, who gives her dedicated following a heads up when amazing pieces come into the store.



Generally, this store can be a bit of a mixed bag, with some items (generally tops) lacking in quality construction. However, there are incredible gems to be found if you survey the entire store. What we like about Anthropologie is their style identity: bohemian feminine. A few of their pieces, mixed with some of a different style, make for a distinct and very stylish look.

Did you know?
Anthropologie furniture (mainly sold online) is pretty high-end stuff and, if it’s in your budget, is worth the money.

Mile High Style Tip:
the costume jewelry is amazing and incredibly affordable. Hair pieces, necklaces and cuff bracelets all make a big impression when paired with a clean and modern outfit, or juxtaposed with any fine jewelry pieces already in your closet.



When searching online, I always seem to confuse this store with (which is Williams Sonoma’s home collection), an apt mistake considering how similar I find these two stores. However, the difference between them is in the details. HW has everything you could possibly need to furnish your home, but each piece has real personality, flair and elegance. The sales staff is lovely and pets are encouraged (which, considering the price point of their merchandise, is something special.)

Did you know?
you can find some of the best candles at this store. What Geodesis candles may lack in mainstream brand recognition, they more than make up for in quality.

Mile High Style Tip:
the sheets and bedding accoutrements are stylish, modern, and often on sale.




Nestled inconspicuously in West Pearl, this antique store has some quality finds: tavern style leather and wood dining room chairs, Spanish chandeliers, antiqued mirrors, and a 1920’s Maytag washer that I am always hoping someone will throw a piece of glass over and make into a table.

Did you know? if you don’t find anything on your first few trips in, keep coming back. With stores like this, quality pieces sell fast and getting the good stuff can be as simple as being there at the right time.

Mile High Style Tip:if you are looking for decorative vintage kitchenware and tools, this is the place to find them.



Newer to the Boulder retail scene, this consignment boutique stocks gently used home furnishings that, with a little imagination, can become masterpieces. While some of the pieces are living room ready, others need a creative mind to see the potential. I bought an outdated Victorian sofa with amazing bones and a very reasonable price, had the wood stripped and bleached and the upholstery redone; Now it is the statement piece of my living room, its value substantially increased.


Did you know? the staff is very knowledgeable about local talent who can fix, change, help transform old into new, tired into inspired.


Mile High Style Tip:if you see a piece that is great except for one or two details, ask yourself if those are things that can be altered. Most can, and I have literally amazing transformations. Since Clutter’s merchandise is priced so reasonably, having the work done is really worth the investment.



Tucked away under the Pearl Street mall, down the hall from a radical bookstore, this store will change your life if you love chandeliers. The size of a large walk-in closet and stocked floor to ceiling with the most amazing pieces of all sizes and styles, Mike the owner and his wife bring all their stock from trips to Europe. Better still, the prices are seriously reasonable when you do a little comparison shopping.

Did you know? Tony knows all about the excessive mark-ups most home furnishing stores place on their chandeliers, as well as the shortcuts they take in regional branding (i.e. Murano), allowing them to further gauge you on the sale price. Ask him about it.

Mile High Style Tip: I personally love his small chandeliers best. Place them in a bedroom or master bathroom to create instant elegance, ambience and chic.

Honorable Mention: Arhaus Furniture, Design Within Reach, Two Sole Sisters

Quick Tips For The Home

Quick Tips For The Home

home2There are many ways, short of repurposing and redecorating, to make your home look more chic and feel more comfortable and here are a few.

Fresh Flowers– I really can’t recommend this highly enough but, oddly, am unable to explain quite why flowers have such an impact on the mood of a room and its occupants. As far as bang for your buck, my choice is always Lilies: they last 7-10 days and give off an incredible fragrance. However, you must pluck or cut the pollen pods from the inside once the flower opens, as they are messy and unsightly. If you aren’t thrilled with spending $10 a week on flowers, an Orchid can last up to 3 or 4 months if treated properly (in laymen’s terms that means avoid direct sunlight and leave the hell alone!) and there is always the gratis option of plucking a branch or two from a local blooming tree (something I have been known to do a time or two.)

Candles- If you’re aiming for ambience and elegance, I am sorry to say that candles from Target just won’t do the trick. Here’s the thing about spending a little more on a candle: they last a long time and become an accessory in the room. A beautiful Jo Malone or Calypso or Voluspa candle on a coffee table will enhance everything else around it, and you only need one. Keep the wick low by cutting it after every couple of uses and clean wax and ash off the glass with a windex wipe or wet paper towel.

Clutter- As in you should have none. As a general rule, at least half of every surface should be empty. If you simply have too many things of sentimental value, rotate them by thirds: 2/3 stored away, 1/3 out on display and switch them up seasonally. There is no point to having objects you love and value if they are obscured by everything else.


Lululemon for President

Lululemon for President

lululemon-logoI admit it. I was way late to the Lululemon party. I was an American Apparel girl, but one who started to notice that my pre-noon outfits were starting to look a little sloppy. So at the good advice of a friend who didn’t seem to turn back into a pumpkin once her fancy clothes were off, I stopped by the Boulder store for a taste. I was blown away by the attention to detail and to women’s bodies inherent in the clothing. I’ve never seen workout/activewear look as flattering and be as comfortable. I get as many compliments on this clothing than any of my best, post-noon pieces. I’ve almost considering trading in and wearing Lululemon all the time…

Well, almost…