A Smart Sacrifice

May 31, 2011 | Fashion | 1 comment

When working with clients, one of the issues that comes up often involves the fit and the flatter aspect of clothing. For most, if something doesn’t flatter the body, enhancing assets and minimizing or camouflaging imperfections, then it simply isn’t considered. I find this position to be restrictive and uninspired and, more importantly, a big obstacle to improving your personal style.

Sacrificing fit for fabulous should happen when you see something too gorgeous or unique, too perfect to disregard simply because it might not thin your hips or hug your curves or elongate your legs. Some things are just too special to get hung up on the smallest body conscious details that, I guarantee, nobody notices but you. To be clear, I am certainly not suggesting wearing a potato sack or being entirely oblivious to the fit/flatter issue. Similarly, if you’re lacking the confidence to believe that it (whatever you’re wearing) truly does look good, then the sacrifice is no longer smart and no longer worth it. I simply ask that you consider it. Consider that the wow-factor that comes from certain pieces mitigates any body neutralizing features.

Mile High Style Tip: In fashion, height reigns supreme. An added three inches from your shoes can be the difference between a ‘no’ or ‘yes’ to the dress.


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  1. Sani Golriz

    This is totally me, I try to camo anything I don’t like and it really limits my style…or the ability to have any style! And I COMPLETELY agree about the height thing. For me, it also affects my jean selection.

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