Artist Spotlight: Ruth Hiller

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How would you describe your art? Soft Geometry: My recent paintings are the abstract interpretation of my obsession with perfection, speed and overwhelming technology. I used shaped plywood with beeswax and plexiglass with acrylic.

Who or what influences you/your work? Where do you draw your inspiration? Fashion, streetlife, travel.

Describe the process of creating your art? How do you begin? How long does it typically take to complete a piece? How do you know when something is done? I go to the studio at least 5 days a week even when I am not feeling creative. If I’m not feeling creative, I clean or just sit in the space. Lately I have been so busy, I have been in the studio every day! I usually work on 5-8 pieces at a time, so I usually know what I am going to work on. It depends on the sizes of the pieces and the materials I am working on as to how long they will take. Intuitively I know when a piece is done when I feel there is nothing left to do to it.

Which of your pieces are you exceptionally happy with/proud of? Why? I love the simplicity and use of materials. My new body of work: Skew and Rule of Thirds.

What are your goals for this year? The next 5 years? This year: get NYC gallery representation with a significant mid tier gallery. 5 years: Be in a few major museum collections.

What is your favorite part of being an artist? Least favorite? I love being creative and working in the studio. I love looking at things. My least favorite part is that I am the photography, shipping, social media, design and artmaking department all in one!

Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t be caught dead putting ____ on my walls? Leroy Neiman.

Which contemporary artists to you admire? Amy Sillman, Robert Gober, Henrique Oliveira.

What are some of your other interests/hobbies? Travel, skiing, hiking, food, cinema, fashion.

In a fantasy world where ALL of the world’s art was available and price was no issue, what piece would you like to own? Something by Louise Bourgeois.


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