The Very BEST Mom Tote!

Oct 26, 2014 | Fashion | 13 comments


As over 95% of my clients have children, discovering products that are functional and stylish for mamas is of high priority. Whether it’s a comfortable flat, a no-fuss scarf, or in this case, the supreme carry-all, if it makes a mom’s life easier or saves a few minutes in the morning, in the car, or in a store, it’s worth it.

Enter the MZ Wallace Metro Tote. This bag came across my style radar when a client asked my advice regarding color preference*, and when the bag arrived, I could totally see why it’s the rage among multi-tasking moms.

For starters, the large size option is truly LARGE and can hold all your stuff, your child’s stuff, and probably your child too! It’s collapsable for easy air travel, and comes with 3 matching pouches of different sizes to hold anything from diapers, to snacks, to your wallet. Additional attributes include multiple interior pockets and availablity in 3 different sizes. Oh! And the price! The price is right.

Mom tested, stylist approved.

*When possible, always go with Camo cause it’s awesome; black patent leather is a respectable 2nd choice.



  1. Kelsey ross

    I am all over this! Thanks, Liz!

    • Liz Finkelstein

      Yay! Happy to help!

  2. Danielle Gecht

    I love reading your style posts. What do you think of the medium size?

  3. Erika Schermerhorn Grant

    Have had mine for a couple of years now and love it. Perfect travel tote as well.

  4. Rachel Tushman Schwartz

    Love the camo one!

  5. Shana Colbin Dunn

    We have it in light grey at Kismet!

  6. Reagen Lowrey Lozar

    These are awesome!

  7. Alison Minton

    What if you aren’t a mom but need as many changes of clothes and food/snacks a day as a kid?

  8. Irene Schiavo Rochon

    LOVE MZW!!!

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