Boudoir’s Best

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In my early 20s, my friend Kristen served as an initial practice client. Since she was operating on a law student’s budget, I had to be creative about where to find fabulous pieces; Specifically, which department could offer the most for the least.

I had seen women wearing lingerie the same way you would wear anything else- with jeans and heels, under a blazer or sweater. When I price compared ($75-100 for a camisole versus the $150-200 for a standard blouse), the difference was compelling. Additionally, I loved the simple femininity of the pieces, the absence of [too many] details that are often the mark of modern designer clothing.

Now, to be clear, I’m not suggesting you sport a teddy with your new flats. Lingerie as clothing must be modest, full coverage and elegant. And when it is, the look is unbeatable and the price is right.

Wear under the ‘Jenna’ cardigan, tucked into your best jeans, and finished off with these.


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