Chambray Chic

Jun 1, 2012 | Fashion | 3 comments







For me, the best part about visiting New York City is the people watching. On a recent trip, perched in a prime window seat in the West Village, it was an overwhelming sight: people in New York City BRING IT and this Summer, they’re all bringing the chambray shirt.

I’ve been familiar with this look since it first started appearing on J.Crew’s website, but I was never inspired one way or the other. However, the amazing thing about fashion and style is context; simply seeing this shirt look so good on so many people made me re-think its value, both in my closet and in yours.

I think the power of this piece lies, not only in its versatility (and machine-washability) but also in its neutrality. In a season heavy on bolds & brights, the chambray brings it down a notch.

For the novice: pair with a bright skirt in on-trend neon and finish with neutral flats.

For the expert: bump up the intensity of your bottom piece, be it shorts, jeans, or (in fashion fantasy-land), this skirt.



    • Alondra

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