Color Conscious; The Myth of Personal Color Charts

Sep 5, 2012 | Fashion, Most Popular Posts | 3 comments

Personal Color Chart









In addition to making clients look and feel fabulous, a big part of my job involves dispelling myths. Most unfortunately, many of these myths are propagated by people in my own industry, and one of the biggest involves the colors you can and cannot wear, aka personal color charts.

The true antidote to color consciousness is very simple and straightforward. Do certain colors look better on certain people? Absolutely. Should you base all your buying and styling choices around these colors? Absolutely not. The power of a great outfit lies in the entire presentation, how every detail works in balance and in contrast, and I guarantee that cream or grey against your face will not change or in any way diminish the overall look, assuming everything else is on point.

How does this translate to your buying choices? Remember that great style is about breaking down boundaries, adjusting preconceived notions, and thinking out of the box! Judge any piece by all its style properties, with color being just another one. Don’t pass on something beautiful and unique simply because it’s not ‘your color’.




  1. Mercury Framing

    We are trying to read the full posts on your page. When we click on a post it take us out of fb land to some random page.. My dear have you been hacked?

  2. Mile High Style

    No, but my WordPress is being all wonky. You can still read everything by going directly to the website. 🙂

  3. Sani Golriz

    My go-to is black for sure, but I’m stepping out of that box and incorporating a few bold colors into the mix. Now if only I could go bold with my shoes…

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