Do I Like It?

Jan 4, 2016 | Fashion | 2 comments


One of the most common questions I field from clients is ‘do you like it?’ Do I like this sweater, or this pair of boots, this scarf or this beaded necklace? Often, whether or not I ‘like’ something will be the only factor determining whether or not it will remain in my client’s closet or accompany her home from the store…. Or so she thinks. But will it surprise you to learn that whether or not I personally ‘like’ something has no bearing on my opinion of it for you? How could that possibly be true??

I wanted to write about this topic because I think it’s a common misconception that stylists merely impart their particular style and opinion onto our clients; if I like something, you should like it too. This is, plainly, not true and it’s important that you understand why. For starters, the only factors I use to determine whether or not something is right for my clients are these: Is it dated? Will it work to help achieve the look we’re going for? Is it in good condition? Will it look good on you? Can we find a better/upgraded version of it? My personal opinion and whether or not I would want to wear it/own it has no bearing on these questions; ‘Liking’ is irrelevant to how it will or won’t work for you.

I think ‘like’ is a misnomer, so when I say it or we use it, it’s a shorthand way of saying ‘I approve of it for you’: I like this top because it’s versatile and will help make 5 different outfits with all your blazers. I like these shoes because they are high quality, fun, and help bring color into your outfits. I like your collection of pashminas because they’re colorful and express your amazing trips. Keep this in mind when working with me, or any other stylist. It’s not our job for you to express our style; it’s our job to help you express yours.



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