elements of styleOver the last 3 years of working with 50+ clients, I’ve come to see and define the elements of style: creativity, budget, discipline & desire. Among these, only one separates a good wardrobe from a spectacular one, and it’s not what you’re expecting.

Disciplined buying/conscious styling is the most important factor for creating and sustaining great style. By that, I mean acquiring only the pieces you need for your wardrobe while simultaneously resisting the lure of impulse shopping. When your closet is lacking a cocktail dress, a ballet flat, a Big Girl Bag, any of the staple pieces you need, and instead you’re spending on items you already have*, you’re treading water. Additionally, the $40 here and $60 there (for another scarf or piece of jewelry) add up. If you do the honest math and calculate the total of impulse purchases over a month, that bag you deemed ‘too expensive’ will suddenly be attainable.

I recommend making a shoe box-piggy bank: every time you want to buy ‘this or that’, instead write a check to yourself for the amount and put it in the box. After a month, use that money to buy something you need. If you take on this project, I’ll find your item free of charge, a testament to my firm belief that this is the only way forward.

*This is always how impulse shopping works- you’re buying repeats, slight variations of what you already own.