norma_kamaliBathing suit shopping. Just the thought of it makes me gain 5 pounds. I was speaking to my fabulous-bodied friend today and even she hates having to wear swimsuits, and if her body can’t make a bathing suit look good, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The answer lies in vintage swimwear. Whoever first brought back shapes and styles from the 40s and 50s should be lauded to mile high style heaven as these suits are a savior, mainly because the designs back then targeted a more modest woman. Simply put, these suits use more fabric, higher cuts, and more ruching detail. The gold standard swimwear designer for this style has to be Norma Kamali, whose pieces are elegant, flattering and totally functional. The price point for her designs is high, no doubt about it. But you only need one, it will last you forever, and the confidence gained by wearing such a piece exceeds any dollar amount.

If you can’t stomach throwing down $350 for a bathing suit, Anthropologie has more affordable options (that, subsequently, i find absolutely darling.) With possibilities like these, we should no longer feel self-conscious at the beach, instead owning and flaunting our inner retro-girl bathing beauty.