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Growing 3

Describe this piece and its biographical details- name of piece, name of artist, when and where was it created? The piece is by the artist, Keith Haring. It is part of the graphic series called the Growing Suite. The series was screen print on woven paper and consisted of a run of 100 prints and an additional 15 artist Proofs. The piece that I own is an unique (one of a kind) trial proof (TP). It is signed and dated in pencil with the plus sign in the circle (indicating Haring was AIDS positive at the time) and numbered 19/40 T.P.

Where was it living before you bought it? It was released from the Haring estate and had lived only in the Martin Lawrence Gallery before I bought it.

How did it come into your life? I had just moved to Nederland, CO. from outside of Chicago. I was visiting galleries in Denver and walked into the Martin Lawrence Gallery. When I saw the print on the wall, it just simply resonated with me. Leaving the Chicago area for Nederland was a bit of a culture shock for me. The Haring was vibrant, gutsy and urban. It was like comfort food for my eyes.

What makes it special to you? The idea that it is truly one of a kind, also makes this piece special to me. The trial proof is outside of the run of 100 prints as well as the artist proofs. The final run of 100 has a red circle in the center of the frenetic graphics of the piece. My T.P. 19/40 has that same circle in white.

Where does it live in your house/office? The print now lives in my living room on a wall to itself.



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