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It should surprise no one that the husband of one of Colorado’s most fashionable women* would also kill it in the style department. Brad Burch describes himself as a designer; I describe him as one of the best modern architects in Boulder. His casual cool style often looks more California beach than Colorado mountain which is exactly why he stands out. His laid back, label-less, totally understated vibe, both personally and professionally, helps make Boulder beautiful.

How would you describe your personal style? I’m definitely someone who’d run a personal ‘uniform’. I like stuff that’s simple and well made, but also versatile. Stuff I wear to the office needs to also withstand climbing around job sites or my extreme dance moves.

What is the most prized/favorite item in your closet? Probably my first pair of raw selvedge jeans ­Kicking Mule Workshop’s 1980s. I designed a home for the owners, who were amazingly generous with KMW gear. It was really my intro to stuff that’s meant to wear­in vs. wear­out (not my saying).

What is the best style advice you’ve given or received? Both my grandfather (a tailor) and the Marine Corps instilled an attention to detail, whether a pant hem or a uniform alignment. Like architecture, great materials rely heavily on how they’re put together.

What are your favorite local shops? A lot of my stuff is from out-­of-­town shops because, until recently, there were few good mens shops in town. Thankfully, that’s changing with shops like Cedar & Hyde.

What is your favorite decade for fashion? I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I probably started to become ‘myself’ in the 80’s. It was then that I really became intrigued with the punk scene, not as a style, but as an outlet for self ­expression. It may be (erroneously) seen as a ‘look’, but some of the most ‘punk’ people I’ve known never needed to express themselves with liberty spikes or a laundry pin through their cheek. Full disclosure, there was a short period of time I’d steal my sister’s jeans and a bunch of my mom’s safety pins.

Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t be caught dead in: a beard (most likely because I can’t grow one).

Who influences or has influenced your personal style? I’m influenced by people whose styles are specific to them. I’ve always been lucky to have creative friends, and they tend to dress who they are. I don’t expect them to one day show up running the lumbersexual or 1890’s pioneer look.

What are some of your other interests/hobbies? I like design. While it takes many forms, what people create is good insight to who they are. I’m also actively pursuing a professional surfing career.

What is your biggest fashion steal? Probably clothing that’s made to break­in and get better with wear. A lot of what I have definitely looks better now than it did when I first got it.

If money were no object, what is the first thing you’d buy for your closet? My taste isn’t particularly expensive, so it would most likely be something difficult to procure. That said, I’d pay a king’s ransom for the perfect white t­-shirt…

*That would be Holly Kabacoff, manager of the Boulder MAX.


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