Neon Summer

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In continuation of the shoot I styled for Yellowscene Magazine’s Summer issue, I wanted to speak about one of my favorite trends.

I’ve long maintained that childhood impressions inform our later style preferences. As a child of the 80s, I grew up against a backdrop of neon, and while it wasn’t and isn’t the most approachable of all styles, making it work this season is a worthwhile challenge.

For one thing, fluorescents are fun. If the Spring and Summer are all about color (and they always are), neon is color on crack. Essentially punk-y and inherently edgy, adding a touch of neon doesn’t just accessorize your outfit, it makes it.

Echoing my advice to the readers of Yellowscene, the fashion novice should stick to accessories: a scarf, a necklace like the one we used (available at Chelsea), a ballet flat, a skinny belt, a bandeau top, and neon nail polish. For the expert willing to take a bigger risk and incorporate neon into clothing? As far as wearability, the easiest florescent is pink. Look for silk tops and tanks and pair with skinny jeans and an animal print heel, going minimal on any jewelry or accessories.

Remember that the key to pulling off any trend is moderation. Keep the backdrop of the outfit neutral and classic, allowing the trendy piece a place to pop.



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